Standard Change Machine Retrofit Kit

ARB-V19-SCM- (200, 500 & 600) Standard Change Machine Retrofit Kit

The Standard Change Machine which is a well built product has been sold and installed in Canada long before Arbortronics entered the market.  However despite the durability of the Standard Change Machine its unique bill validator system can not be upgraded to accept the new Canadian Polymer Bill Notes.

The  ARB V-19 and ARB V-20 change machines were designed by Arbortronics over twenty years ago and we have been manufacturing an selling this product equipped with MEI and CashCode bill validators in Canada ever since.

Through modifications to the ARB V-19 PCB Control board along with the addition of mounting plates and switching power supplies, new technology bill validators can replace the old bill validator hardware.  This new retrofit kit  enables operators to retrofit their existing Standard Change Machine with out changing the coin hoppers or removing the unit from its installation location.  The retrofitted change machine will maintain the vast majority of existing features including its compatibility with a coin acceptor.

The retrofit kit has been designed for ease of installation on site by operator.

Note:  If you are utilizing a four hopper Standard Change Machine, we also carry the SEM retrofit kit  for these older Standard products.