CNV 145-148 Vending Machine Upgrade


The CNV Vending Machine Upgrade provides a cost-effective method of upgrading old
CNV 145/147/148 Vending machines. With this kit, CNV vending machines currently equipped with obsolete currency acceptors are upgraded to use new MDB currency acceptors, extending the life and increasing the reliability of these machines. The kit comprises a replacement control board, LCD display, cables, and optionally MDB Coin Changer and/or a MDB Bill Validator.

The new controller provides a number of innovative and unique features, placing it in the
category of the most up-to-date vending equipment.

  • The controller uses the MDB protocol to communicate with the Coin Changer and Bill Validator.
  • The replacement control board is installed on the mounting studs, and connected to the motor cable and power cord, of the original control board.
  • The controller has a user-friendly programming menu. The menu is displayed on the front mounted LCD display and the front keypad is used for programming and menu navigation.
  • The prices may be set individually, by shelf, or for the entire machine.
  • Each motor may be tested individually
  • The controller has three escrow modes: Neutral (escrow enabled), Force Vend (escrow disabled) and Change Machine.
  • The controller has an easy to use Error Log, which lists motor failures, coin changer failures and bill acceptor failures, each with detailed error codes that specify the exact nature of the failure.
  • Comprehensive visual audit system