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In operation since 1989, Arbortronics Control Systems Inc. (ACSI) has maintained a technology advancement focus through its ongoing research and development activities in the unattended payment market. Over twenty five years ago ACSI partnered with Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), the world leader in the development, manufacturing and supply of innovative unattended payment solutions.

Today we are the Canadian Premier Distribution and Service partner for CPI supporting the Transportation, Parking, Vending, Gaming, Retail, and Financial markets that integrate CPI products into their kiosks. As demand for cashless consumer payment options grows in the market, CPI is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to new technologies and products targeted to increase end-user satisfaction.

Today the deep bench strength of our of our ACSI support team covers all of CPI’s payment products. ACSI distributes and supports all CPI products from a NRI coin acceptor used amusement games to High Speed Bill note Recyclers (BNR) used by our Municipal transportation customers in their ticketing kiosks and the over 12000 wireless cashless card readers deployed by our bottling and vending customers across Canada.

Payment Solution Products

Premier distributor of CPI’s innovative Cash and Cashless Payment Solutions products for unattended Payment markets across North America.

Tech Repair Service and Support Facility

ACSI’s is a CPI certified Premier Service and Warranty facility serving the North American market. Our facility is a PCB component level, process driven operation designed to provide mechanical, electronic and software maintenance to CPI payment products to extend the life cycle of the products for is customers. Products shipped to ACSI for service undergo PC based testing, washing, repairing, software upgrading and finally packaging process before being returned to customers. ACSI technicians are certified and follow the product service, maintenance and repair processes as directed by CPI along with use of OEM parts.

PCB Dispensing Controllers, Payment Interface and management products

Designing and manufacturing Circuit (PCB) boards along with interface products that integrate communications protocols, between current and legacy technology platforms. ACSI is the Canadian Distributor of INNOVOLT Power Protection Products that incorporates remote power management and protection solutions for the unattended kiosk markets.

Industrial Fluid Metering and Water Treatment Control Products and Commercial laundry controllers

ACSI designs and manufactures industrial control products including Glycol (liquid) controls and Pump activating metering controls used in high rise cooling tower systems. ACSI technicians provide PCB component level support for its controllers along with re-building legacy and obsolete commercial laundry PCB controllers.

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