Wireless/Contactless Card Systems

Access Control/Cashless Payments System based on Contactless Smart Cards.
Contactless Access Control System –     Arbac_Wireless_Network

ARBAC Access Control System utilizes an advanced RFID terminal with encoded data updates streamed wirelessly to door access terminals through the“ARBAC Access” software. User waves access card in front of  door reader which conveys an audible beep confirming access and releasing door lock or rejecting if card has been terminated.

 Reloadable Contactless Laundry Payment System

Contactless laundry Washer / Dryer / Vend controllers -Vend Point utilizes the same Access Control card to store dollar value loaded through value add stations located in laundry room. Controller reads data from the card, checks data validity, calculates current balance. If the balance value exceeds the price, the controller deducts the price and writes new balance to the card, together with the day/time stamp and transaction number.  Then the Controller enables the washer/dryer Machine.
PC Software for Cards and Access System Management –

Access Control / Cashless Payments System is operating under the PC installed ARBAC Software.

The ARBAC software allows all necessary Cards and System management functions, such as Issuing, Adding, Deleting, Substitution Cards/Users, Excluding Lost Cards, Programming of the Access Point Controllers (APC), Collection Access Event information from the APC via the Network, preparing Reports, System Testing/Setting, Checking/Displaying of the Card’s Information.

The Software is password protected and operates under Microsoft Windows platform.