Fluid Monitoring

Continuous Fluid Level Sensor(ARB-LS14)This product uses a capacitive probe to continuously monitor the level of a liquid. The Level Sensor continuously communicates with the controller via a current loop, producing an output of 4 to 20mA.

Low Level Alarm Controller(ARB-LA01)This product monitors the levels of liquids using float sensors. The sensors detect when the liquid’s level drops below a certain point. The controller monitors up to six sensors providing visual and/or audible alarm.

High/Low Level Alarm Controller


This product monitors the low and high levels of liquids using a pair of float sensors. This controller handles up to three pairs of sensors and provides signals to activate external actuators as well as providing visual and audible indication. Dynamic Event Monitor(ARB-DEM01)This product monitors a diaphragm pump and activates an external alarm if the pump runs dry (not pumping any fluid).Glycol System Controller(ARB-GSC01)This product monitors two sensors (pressure and low level) and depending on the status of these sensors will activate or deactivate each of its two outputs (pump and remote alarm) accordingly.

Fluid Dispensing 24 Event Controller(ARB-EC24)This product controls fluid flow. This allows fluid to flow for up to 24 events in a 24 hour period. The activation time and duration may be set for each event and cannot overlap. (Not Exactly As Shown).